Show a second promotion

Checkout Promotions offers the ability to show a second promotion to customer within the post purchase flow. If a customer accepts or declines an offer on the first promotion and they are eligible for a second promotion, it will show. 

Please note that showing a second promotion is currently in Beta

How to enable showing a second promotion?

Currently, this feature is opt-in only. Navigate to Settings General Post Purchase and be sure that "Show second promotion" is enabled:

Which Promotion will show second?

The second promotion will be determined by the priority and eligibility rules. Any promotion that passes all eligibility rules after the first promotion will be used as the second promotion. At this time, there is no method to define a specific secondary offer.

How Can We Prevent a Promotion From Showing Second?

You can add an eligibility rule to the promotion which can prevent any promotion from showing second or first. This lets you setup promotions to be shown only first or only second if you desire.

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