How to create a downsell?

Post purchase promotions support downsell offers which increase the conversion rate of promotions by offering a secondary offer for customers to opt into if the customer clicks "Decline offer" on the initial offer.

Important Requirements

  • Promotion must be post purchase
  • Promotion category must be commerce
  • A customer will only ever see a downsell if they declined the initial offer.

Create a downsell offer

To create a downsell offer, first create your initial offer. Once the initial offer exists, you will see the option to create a downsell:

Click "Add downsell offer" and choose from one of two options:

  • Create from initial offer: Duplicates initial offer. This is useful for when you're only making minor changes to the initial offer as the downsell. For example, pricing discount changes or reuse the existing offer template design.
  • Create blank offer: This will create a new blank offer which you can then configure as the downsell.

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