Eligibility rules

Eligibility rules allow you to show a promotion for only a subset of your customers. With over 20+ rules, you can define specific criteria based on a number of order attributes including products, country, discount code, customer tag, and more. You can mix and match eligibility rules using the And/Or rule set to meet your promotion's specific criteria.


  • Promotions with the strictest criteria (ie: specific products, customer tags, etc) should be prioritized first. Promotions used as a catch all should be prioritized last.
  • Double check promotion rules when using And/Or grouping. Any rule within an AND group must be true for the promotion to pass. 


It's important to note that some eligibility rules are only available for a specific location such as the product metafield eligibility rule only available for native post purchase promotions.

Testing Rules

As some criteria may become complex and result in unknown behavior, there is the ability to test a promotion's eligibility rules using the Eligibility Simulator. Just click on "Test Rules":

This will open up the Eligibility Simulator where you can simulate example order scenarios to ensure the promotion passes or fails when desired. In the future, you will be able to select an existing order to test with:

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