Junip Reviews Integration

Checkout Promotions offers an integration with Junip, a leading review platform for Shopify.

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Enabling Junip

Like all other integrations, you can easily enable the baseline integration features by heading to Settings > Integrations and clicking "Enable". You will be asked to enter both your Junip site key and form url.

Enable Junip:

Enter Junip Settings:

You can always disable from this page or click "Settings" to change the form url and store key:

Product Ratings

After enabling Junip, products will begin showing their Junip rating and number of reviews on promotions after their next product refresh (hourly). You can remove and re-add a product to a promotion to make this change immediate. Reference the " How to show product reviews" guide for more details.

If a product has reviews, you'll see them appear on the product block:

Make sure the "Review rating" block section is visible on the Products block:

Review form

You can leverage the Junip review form template under the Content tab. It will leverage your Junip form url to drive customers to the Junip review form to submit reviews for past orders. We recommend setting up a content promotion for repeat customers and if possible, customer tag for customers who have not reviewed on your store.

Eligibility Rules Example

Note that any rules can be used but we do not recommend showing this on the first order. If you tag customers that have reviewed then you can exclude those customers as well.

Select "Junip - Review Form" from the offer template list

If you don't see this template available and Junip is enabled, try refreshing the page.

Offer Design Example

The design and copy can easily be changed within the offer editor. Make sure to test the review link to ensure it properly routes a customer to the Junip form.

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