How to use the product metafield trigger

Bulk Product Metafields Trigger

In order to trigger a promotion across hundreds or even thousands of products, utilize the Product Metafields Tag trigger found under "Products > Line item has metafield tag of...". Add any tag value that exists on the metafield and make sure the product metafield matches the following configuration:

Namespace checkout_promotions
Key tag

Recommended 3rd Party Metafields Apps:

Setup product metafield trigger on Shopify Storefront 2.0

Starting with Storefront 2.0, Shopify now offers the ability to natively show metafields within the Shopify admin. Follow this tutorial to get started: [Coming soon]

Setup product metafield trigger on legacy Shopify Storefront 1.0

In order to add and edit product metafields, download one of the recommended apps from earlier, then follow this tutorial to get started:

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