How does pricing work?

Currently, there are two subscription plans: Free & Growth.

Always Free Plan

100% free with all features included but comes with a hard cap of 50 orders per month. If your store processes more than 50 orders per month, the remainder will not see promotions. 

The free plan is for development stores, initial setup before upgrading to a paid plan, and Shopify stores doing very small volumes. 

Growth Plan

Base price of $15 per month ($10 per month if installed before March 1). This recurring monthly charge includes the first 250 (100 if installed before March 1) orders per month. If a store exceeds the 250 orders in a one month period, the store will be charged $10 for every 500 additional orders. The usage resets every 30 days (per your app's billing cycle with Shopify). 

  • Note: All charges are in USD.

Do I get billed for every order?

No. The app only bills for orders shown a promotion - if a customer places an order but does not qualify for a promotion, it does not count towards your usage. Additionally, orders placed outside of the online store such as a recurring subscription order do not count towards your usage.

Do I get billed every time a promotion is viewed?

No. the app only bills once per order. If you show a promotion on post purchase and then a promotion on the thank you page, it counts as 1 order.

What are the usage charge limits?

Order usage is billed in 500 increments at $10. Non Shopify Plus stores who installed the app on February 3rd and onwards will have a usage charge cap of $750. Shopify Plus stores will have a usage cap of $2000. All stores who installed the app on February 2nd and prior will have a usage charge limit of $500.

Each usage charge will show up on your monthly invoice under the Apps section. For example:

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