What payment gateways are supported?

The post purchase promotion type supports a variety of payment gateways but the behavior of the upsell offers changes depending on the gateway.

Native Post-Purchase Promotion

The native post purchase promotion location is a new checkout step shown directly after a customer pays. It utilizes the vaulted payment information to offer 1-click payment directly to the same order. However, not all payment methods are supported.

  • Payment Gateways Supported: 
    • Shopify payments
    • Shop Pay
    • Braintree (without CVV verification)
    • Auth.net
    • PayPal Pro, PayPal PayFlow when used with a credit card
    • PayPal Express (with Automatic Billing enabled)
    • And any other direct credit card payment processor that is embedded within Shopify's checkout (Stripe, etc).
  • Unsupported Payment Methods: 
    • External/third party payment providers which redirect the customer offsite (Klarna, Coinbase, etc) are unsupported. 
    • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay

Fallback Post-Purchase Promotion

Post Purchase Promotions offers a unique feature which is the ability to surface a promotion on the Checkout thank you page to show a post-purchase promotional upsell offer to a majority of your customers. The difference between the fallback upsell and the native upsell is that payment must be confirmed by the customer. If a customer does NOT confirm payment, the product will be added to the order but the financial status will remain as "Partially Paid".

  • Payment gateways supported include: PayPal, Wallets (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay), Cash on Delivery, and several others
  • Note: It's possible to have Post Purchase Promotions automatically remove the unpaid upsell product after 15 minutes by enabling the option "Auto remove promotion when payment is missing" under Settings > General > Promotions:

Multi Currency Checkout Warning

Behind the scenes, this app leverages order editing and as a result, promotions will onyl show on orders placed using the default shop currencies. This means if you leverage native multi-currency checkout, orders placed in currencies that are different from the default shop currency will not show a promotion.

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