How to discount promotional products?

You can easily set the offer price (offer discount) on a promotional product, just click "Edit" on the product list within the offer editor sidebar. You can enter a fixed amount or a percent up to 100, 100% will make the product free.

Common Questions

Rounding Issues

It's important to note that Shopify rounds up so entering 10% for certain prices will actually result in 9% due to rounding. As a policy, Shopify always favors the merchant when rounding.

Compare At Price

It's important to note that Shopify always shows the "current price" when a discount is used. As a result, customers will see the current price and not the compare at price on the thank you page and any emails that get sent. As an example, if a product is normally $200 and is $100 on the storefront and then you discount to $50 on post purchase, the customer will see $50 as the sale price and $100 as the original price.

How Do I Make a Product Free?

Just enter 100 while selecting percent for the discount type. This will add a 100% markdown on the product making it free.

How to Set a Discount

1. If you're on the promotion detail screen, you'll need to select an offer and click "Configure" to navigate to the offer editor:

2. Once on the offer editor, click "Products" within the right hand sidebar:

3. This will now show a list of all products on the offer. Click "Edit" on the product you wish to edit pricing:

4. On the product detail panel, click "Discounts" to set a flat or percentage discount. This will apply to all variants - at this time, there is no method of discounting only some variants:

5. To change how the discount messaging within the offer shows up, navigate back to the block list and click on the "Products" block:

6. Open "Pricing & discounts" and select your desired discount style:

Video Demo of Adding a Discount

Here is a short explainer video:

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